Hi, I'm Jacek Galanciak

I’m a Ruby gangster, JavaScript thug, software architecture hooligan and microservices mobster. Just because the industry keeps using silly words like ninja and rockstar, it doesn’t mean I can’t outdumb that.

I'm a software engineer with a strong focus on implementing maintainable systems through modular design and clean architecture. With over 15 years of experience in software development, I had an opportunity to tackle complex problems and gain experience in the following:

  • microservices and asynchronous communication in an event-driven architecture (via RabbitMQ or other message queues)
  • domain-driven design in both tactical patterns and business domain mapping
  • mastery in Ruby and Rails – started in 2007 with Ruby 1.8.5 and Rails 1.2
  • domain knowledge in staffing, fintech, international payments, e-learning, and real estates
  • remote work: I'm based in Łódź/Poland and worked exclusively remotely for more than 12 years with companies from Europe, Asia and North America

My primary way of giving back to the programming community is through my blog, but I also have some interesting open-source work:

  1. quicksand.js : 1.9k stars and 250 forks on GitHub. Create a delightful animation when sorting/filtering your collections
  2. s3-directory-listing: use AWS Lambda functions to generate index.html with a clean directory listing whenever you change anything in your S3 bucket
  3. dotfiles: Not an open-source project per se but contains my current tools and configurations that took many years to accumulate. Want to learn about a craftsman? Have a look around their workshop!

I'm currently a lead engineer at Pilot, a Y Combinator-backed startup where we create a more open world-wide job market.

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Feel free to contact me at [email protected]. You can also view my résumé. I'm careful about your data, see Privacy Policy.
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