Hi, I’m Jacek Galanciak

I’m a Ruby gangster, JavaScript thug, software architecture hooligan and microservices mobster. Just because the industry keeps using words like ninja and rockstar, it doesn’t mean I can’t outdumb that.

  • I work remotely for more than 10 years, I’m currently based in Łódź, Poland
  • I’m a lead engineer at Pilot (YC W17) where we create a more open worldwide job market.
  • I’m a full-stack developer. Currently Ruby on Rails and React
  • I’m a technical polyglot. My job is to solve problems with one of my numerous tools.
  • I have a GitHub project with 1900+ stars.
  • I love music, food, audio hardware, guitars, gaming and tabletop RPGs.
  • I wrote my first program 21 years ago. Started my career 13 years ago.
  • I need five sockets to power my music listening hardware.
  • I like capsaicin


Secret sauce

Actually, I have zero skill. Just see my dotfiles, all I do is use zsh, tmux, vim and a mechanical keyboard. They do everything for me. The latter also gives me 150 APM in StarCraft II. I’m like half-Korean.

This tour was awesome

It was indeed! I think you should scroll to the top and read this awesome page again. If you hoped to find some more serious information, you might want to look into my résumé.