Hi, I’m Jacek Galanciak

I’m a Ruby gangster, JavaScript thug, software architecture hooligan and microservices mobster. Just because the industry keeps using words like ninja and rockstar, it doesn’t mean I can’t outdumb that.

  • I work remotely for more than 10 years, I’m currently based in Łódź, Poland
  • I’m a lead engineer at Pilot (YC W17) where we create a more open worldwide job market.
  • I’m a full-stack developer. Currently Ruby on Rails and React
  • I’m a technical polyglot. My job is to solve problems with one of my numerous tools.
  • I have a GitHub project with 1900+ stars.
  • I love music, food, audio hardware, guitars, gaming and tabletop RPGs.
  • I wrote my first program 23 years ago. Started my career 15 years ago.
  • I need five sockets to power my music listening hardware.
  • I like capsaicin


Secret sauce

Actually, I have zero skill. Just see my dotfiles, all I do is use zsh, tmux, vim and a mechanical keyboard. They do everything for me. The latter also gives me 150 APM in StarCraft II. I’m like half-Korean.

Recent blog posts

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  4. Analyzing, visualizing and optimizing JS bundle size in Rails/Webpacker apps 2 Jul 2018
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  6. Playing with typed collections using dry-types 8 Oct 2017

This tour was awesome

It was indeed! I think you should scroll to the top and read this awesome page again. If you hoped to find some more serious information, you might want to look into my résumé. I'm also careful about your data, see Privacy Policy.