Jacek Galanciak

Full-stack Software Engineer


Ruby, JavaScript developer, technical polyglot with strong focus on implementing maintainable systems and attaining sustainable productivity in software development.

Current Stack

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Chef, Heroku, Engine Yard, Amazon Web Services
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • AMQP, RabbitMQ
  • microservices, domain-driven design
  • JavaScript, ES6
  • React.js
  • software architecture, processes, agile, continuous delivery

I know a dozen of programming languages and frameworks. The above list only depicts my technical taste and the preferred stack I use in my current projects. My primary focus is to obtain widely-applicable (including enterprise-class areas) software architecture skills, but the goal of mastery in my favored language and framework (Ruby and Rails) is still a very close second.


Pilot (YC W17)

Lead Engineer

2014 – present

Ruby, JavaScript, Rails, React, software architecture, microservices, domain-driven design. Startup environment working on a system serving enterprise customers. Y Combinator W17.

Ink Labs Limited (acquired by Pilot)

Senior Developer

2013 – 2014

Ruby, Objective-C (iOS and macOS), JavaScript development in a startup environment. Our favorite child is Tapes, a tiny and fast screencasting app for macOS.

Sourcebits, Inc.

Technical Architect (Ruby)

2011 – 2014

I was a leader of web development team working on a long-term project (used by the education system and military), helped other projects with architecture and engineering advice, worked on improving general engineering quality of web development department.


Developer, Co-founder

2010 – 2017

Co-founder, architect, developer of real estate search engine. I architected and implemented the entire application. As the only engineer, I had to wear a lot of hats, including integrating with partner services and applications, preparing documentation for data exchange APIs and DevOps. The service in the late stage was so automated and stable that my role in the project was passive.


Full-stack Developer, Co-founder

2008 – 2011

Teamed up with talented developers and designers to do client work with a focus on CMS systems, e‑commerce solutions, and intranet software. My role, apart from back-end engineering, was being the primary point of contact between the client and the team, gathering the requirements and preparing the specification documents, as well as bringing the majority of new projects for the team.

Sport-TV sp. z o. o.

Software developer, system administrator

2008 – 2009

I was a developer and system administrator. My responsibilities involved implementing new features (in fact, I implemented the entire platform) and service maintenance, including server administration.

yavanet sp. z o. o.

Web Developer

2007 – 2009

E-commerce platform development and maintenance. The system was responsible for handling sales of contact lenses and accessories, but it also provided an online platform for ophthalmologists to support their patients.


PHP Developer, Python (Django) Developer

2005 – 2007

A number of small to medium-sized PHP and Python projects, irrelevant to my current profile.


M.Sc. in Electronics, Digital Signal and Image Processing

Technical University of Łódź, graduated in 2010

Master's thesis: Functional concurrent programming for multi-core computers.


  • programming
  • guitar, piano
  • music
  • gaming
  • audio hardware
  • audio engineering

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